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Monday, July 20, 2009

ghostface mix for contest

There is a Ghostface mix contest going on over at Philaflava. I figured, wtf? Why not? You can only use 10 ghostface tracks pre 2001. Shit, that wouldn't be hard to come up with a crazy playlist.

So I went to my storage unit, found my milkcrate of wutang records, dug thru some mp3 files, and I came up with 10 of my favorite ghost tracks or verses of all time.

Here is the info on the contest.... click for info!

and here is the link and tracklist for my mix, which is a live mix by the way!

DL the Mix!!

1. ice cream live (from high school high release concert)
2. ghost deini original
3. wildflower
4. rainy dayz remix
5. real live rmx
6. wisdom body
7. all i got is you rmx
8. childs play
9. stand up
10. jumpoff


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