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Monday, March 23, 2009


This post was inspired by blueprints blog

I had to have this on here. This is a press kit print put together in 2000 for the super group Iskabibbles. It was basically every artist that was on the weightless roster.

The footage is from 3 different shows.

1. Scribble jam 2000 at top cats. I remember this was the show on a friday where they would not let us in because it was past capacity. But smooth words from daymon and having rj with us(his name was starting to ring bells with the rocket science 12"), got a handfull of us in that night.

2. HipHop expo 1999. There were alot of highlights at this expo...between copywrite in the battle, open wound destroying everybody in the battle, and the iskabibble performance, not sure which one would be the best highlight of the expo '99.

3. Bernies, the after scribble jam 2000 party. Atoms Fam and the MHz performed as well. This whole night was hype from the jump. You can tell when print and Illogic perform "favorite things" which at the time was the columbus classic for all of us. One of the standout tracks from Illogic's debut Unforeseen shadows.

take a good 20min. break and watch this shit, remember some great memories or just brush up on your columbus hiphop homework.

The Iskabibbles EPK (from 2000) from weightless recordings on Vimeo.

video courtesy of blueprints blog

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DJ Lt. Dan - Illest of M.O.P.

1st of all, I must say trying to keep up with the rest of the mixtape heads is an impossible task for myself. Even staying on top of all the downloads....good god! brandan, soul, olskool, tapemasta, history of mixtapes, philaflava,'s crazy. But I will do what I can. Like the lil blog that could.

Copped this mixtape sometime I believe in '04. DJ Lt. Dan is pretty onpoint with his tapes and he comes correct on this m.o.p. mix. Not much to say, the tape says it all!

click clack, salute!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

DJ Przm - Bust It vol.3

Przm made this mixtape in the spring of '03. Dude pretty much just went in his studio, sat down, and busted this mix out in one day. In my opinion, this is how a mixtape should sound. Back to backs, fast clean cuts, great selection of tracks, mixed together, something hitting you every few minutes, accapellas over insts., sounds dirty as this tape is so damn dirty, I love it. To those that know how przm kept his records, you can tell by all the snappling and crackling you will hear. And alot of these records were only a few months old, LOL.

This mix sounds like it was made on 2 turntables but it was made on one. Not sure why one volume is lower then the other.....Im sure P did that on purpose.

And I would be here forever giving backgrounds, stories, all the info on this man. So as long as this blog is running, each post about Przm will be a piece of the story. I just can not cram it into one post or 5. There will be more to come.



DJ Self - F@#ky S#!t vol.1

This blog is as well a tool to document Columbus Hip Hop History past and present. I want to do this the right way but I am getting a slow start. So hopefully some good post will get things rolling for me.

Dj Self has been a familiar name in the Columbus scene for years. He was the dj that started Bernies sunday hiphop night in early '99 before passing it off to DJ Przm to go back home for personal matters. Self dj'd on OSU's kbux radio in the early years of this decade with partner in crime dj Projects. The saturday soul shakedown was a night Self held down for about a year at Skully's where he spun a variety of 80's breaks, hits, and whatever was funky in that era. If you can't tell by now, Self is a very versitle DJ and it show's it in this mix.

I could spit up more facts and stories of dj Self but instead I will throw up a mixtape, one of many I have in my collection, that has always been one of my faovrites from him. This is funky shit vol.1 that I got from him around '02 or '03. The title pretty much sums it up....just alot of funk, breaks, samples you will recognize, all mixed together in a very raw style.

Dj Self - Funky Shit vol.1

Bonus: Footage of DJ Self live at a Haloween Jam '06. (video courtesy of boras)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 Turntable Beatdown!!!

DJ Haul&Mason.... Did not know much about them before I heard this mix. Picked it up out of a free bin a few months ago at a local record store. Not sure why this was in a free bin because this mix is really onpoint. Anybody that can blend "hypnotize" with a big band and actually make it work? .... I am amazed. This mix goes all over the place and it works.

In the liner notes it says "we properly rock over 100 records in just under an hour using 4 turntables, cdj's, and effects unit." And this was done in a one take live mix on a tour in Japan in '04.

Doing my best to keep it funky folks!

FourTurntableBeatdown Laink!

The pic says it all

Finally back up on my feet. Been under the weather since Sunday night. Still went to work and fought thru it until late last night when this bug going around finally whopped my ass. But one good sleep and sweating this sucker out, and I am feeling better at the moment. Have not been on the net much since monday night so I have alot of catching up to do with the mixtape drops. (soul, tapemasta, brandan, andy, mars)

So now it's time to get back on the grind, go thru the collection, and throw some stuff up for the blog world.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mick Boogie - Numero Uno

So where do I start?

I do not think Mick Boogie needs an introduction, but just incase, here is his introduction to the mixtape game plus an interview on the mixtape that started the madness!

pos: Going back 8 years ago, you had a real strong presence from spinning on 107.9 in Cleveland. What made you want to start tackling the mixtape circuit the way that you have?

Mick Boogie : I wanted a national name and didn't want to be pigeonholed by the weird tastes of the fickle Cleveland consumer... I felt I had a lot of creativity to offer...

pos: What did you use to record Numero Uno with compared to how you record mixtapes today?

MB: ...vinyl... real vinyl... and a few cds... It was recorded by D-Selecta in his basement... on a multi-track recorder... all pre-computer... Sidenote: my second mixtape was Certified Hot...same thing...multitrack and vinyl...but it was the the first time I worked with The Kickdrums...and one of their first productions ever... since then, we have both done so much based on this friendship and partnership...

pos: To my knowledge "the butters" is the college radio show where you got your start on radio. Did you record any shows/mixtapes and sell them?

MB: Never sold the shows...always free... that show made me who I was...both me and my homie Garbs... Anyone who has tapes of that digitalized, PLEASE contact me.

pos: I have seen you spin live 2 times and both times I was very impressed and so was the crowd at these jams. Do you have a certain set list of songs you stick to or do you just read and vibe with the crowd?

MB: Total vibe... I go all over the place... at this party I did Saturday, I played 60's rock, 70's disco, 80's synth pop, 90's hiphop and electro and dance ish from the 2000's... and had fun playing it all. And I ended the night with a song from the Wedding Singer. WHAT!

pos: When did you start using Serato?

MB: Hmm... like 5 years ago... My man Excel put me on to it... life change... I was the first guy in Cleveland using it... the look on deejays faces was so confusing at first... I'm glad the world uses it now tho.. it's amazing... I love the portability and creativity it offers...

pos: What are some of your favorite mixtapes past or present and who are the dj's that have inspired Mick Boogie? Who are the mixtape dj's you check for currently?

MB: Neil Armstrong's sample series are Amazing. Green Lantern of course. New deejays... my partner Terry Urban, DJ Benzi, my man Parler just did a DOPE Biggie Samples tape... I just like people doing DIFFERENT stuff and not playing 34 Gucci Mane songs.

(link for mix)

Tracklist (click on pic)

Cover(click on pic)

info on Mick Boogie: