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Friday, December 4, 2009

DJ Spinbad & DJ Whoo Kid - Best of Murder Mixtape

Copped this mix I believe in early '04. Saw Spinbad's name on it so it was an instant purchase. Spinbad is easily one of the sickest mixtape dj's in the game and has been killing shit for well over a decade. What makes Spinbad standout is his cuts and skills are always on point at a time when most dj's, from the era he came from, became lazy with skill as the more exclusive mixtape dj became popular.

Don't even think twice on this, Grab this one.

1. DJ Spinbad "How We Do" Intro
2. 50 Cent Freestyle
3. Eminem Freestyle
4. Lox Freestyle
5. Nas Freestyle
6. Cam'ron Freestyle
7. 50 Cent Freestyle
8. Beanie Sigel Freestyle
9. Notorious B.I.G. Freestyle
10. AZ Freestyle
11. 50 Cent Freestyle
12. Ali Vegas Freestyle
13. Dutch 'N Spade & Gillie Da Kid Freestyle
14. Eminem Freestyle
15. Canibus Freestyle
16. Redman Freestyle
17. 50 Cent Freestyle
18. Notorious B.I.G. Freestyle
19. Pretty Ugly Freestyle
20. Tragedy Freestyle
21. Prodigy Freestyle
22. Shyne Freestyle
23. C-N-N Freestyle
24. Sticky Fingaz Freestyle
25. Nature Freestyle

Download the mix!

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