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Saturday, July 17, 2010

DJ Inform - The Cutting Room

DJ Inform has been on the scene pretty strong for the past 5 years in Columbus Ohio. When I saw this, I figured it would sound like his previous mixtape that turned out to be one very funky mix. But after a listen, Inform caught me off guard. This is more of a DJ concept album with original production and Inform cutting everything he can get ahold of to add to the track. Inform is a dj that can rock a party and then go down to the next venue and perform a routine for the turntablist stans that are still out there and in my opinion, you can catch that vibe on this project right here.

Check the mix out, I am sure you will enjoy it if you are into a dj making tracks from scratch.

<a href="">feel it ft. Mista Sinista by dj inform</a>