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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best of Bernies Open Mic

This right here is a tape I made in 2002 from the tapes I recorded down in the Bernies Basement in the year of 2001. This tape captures alot of the fun we had down there and just the spontaneous events that would happen in the rat hole.

This tape includes freestyles and battles from the mhz, flip the early riser, metro, phizz ed, aqword, przm, bru lei, cj the cynic, plead da 5th, andrew bagadonuts, envelope, ak, and a gang of other folks who grabbed the mic on these nights.

Good stuff right here. Listen to this and remember the good times we had in the Basement and if you did not have a chance to ever make it to Bernies, at least you can listen and feel the good vibes that made these sunday nites so special.

Best of Bernies Open Mic!

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