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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spitball Rockin IT 12" & Unreleased Przm material

June 10th, 2009 marks the 2 yrs. that przm passed away due to his heart condition that had effected him since his date of birth. Przm had a big impact on my life and he was one of the best friends I ever had.

Przm always wanted to have his music heard but at times that was hard for him due to his illness and some of his funny pet peeves about his music sounding a certain way.

The release I remember him being most excited about was the spitball rockin it 12" and the reason for that is on how it sounded. It was exactly how he wanted it. Intalec did the mixdowns and to those who know, Intalec is the king of the mixdown. It sounded good on vinyl too which was he wanted the most. There were days at the house were he would play the sptiball 12" and then play a dr. dre record right after that to compare the two.

Since the 12" was only on vinly(sometime later cd's of the 12" came into play but not many were handed out), I am putting up the 12" in mp3 format for your downloading pleasure becuase I know alot of people have told me they always wanted these songs but never had a record player. And I am also including some unreleased dj przm produced material from 2000. And some of Przm's early work from '97 when he lived in Pittsburgh with the Infintree.

Enjoy and spread the word. Long live the legacy of DJ PRZM!

Spitball - Rockin it 12"
1. rockin it
2. spit out ft. thirstin howl & rack lo
3. Ya times up ft. copywrite
click here!!!

unreleased przm material
flip the urban kiwi - circle of bullshit
blueprint - fuck it!!!!
manifest, Illogic - untitled
Przm verse from '97 live @ the tree house in pittsburgh
grab this shit and enjoy!

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