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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Im still here OL' SKOOL!

So this mixtape shit is just getting bigger and better and more people are sharing their collections and stories. I absolutely love it and so I thought I would add my 2 cents. Started out cool but as time went on, it just seemed harder for me to commit to adding quality post on this blog. So I took a step back. One thing I was more focused on is uploading mixtapes from cassette but damn that takes forever. If I can get 90 mins. to spare, im taking a nap or working on music. Only few of yall out there know how crazy my schedule is and how crazy it gets around Ohio St. football season.

In the past few months I have moved all of my music into storage which was a huge mistake. I wanted more room but come to find out, I rather just have all the mess here. So that means my mixtapes and mix cd's are there and im just too lazy at the moment to make a few trips to get them here. I rather just do it all at once.

But I have started to get back into the swing of things of late and getting this music a full go again. So that means you will see some post here very soon and also a few mixes I have made recently.

but big shout to all the heads that are just flooding the net with great mixes.... tapemasta(who just will not stop...dude is p diddying this shit), pipomixes, ol skool rules, soul, diggers union, dj step one, rekordz on wheels, ... too many to name. I check all mixtape sites as much as possible.

Looking forward to contributing soon.


  1. what's the deal sir..I understand what you saying about the's really a pain in the ass some time..But we got to keep this stuff !!

  2. Good to hear from you and oh yes, do I ever know about that I got sh** all on the floor and every where else my wife is screaming to clean this damn room up since I have disc,and tapes every where, they were in my basement but I'm too lazy to take them back down and in some cases finish some stuff up!! You are absolutely correct 90 minutes is a mother at times I will forget I'm recording and have to either re record or split the mp3 to take off the added minutes which is an added step, worse part is when cats aren't even commenting about the ones you post!! But like Tape said I keep doing it just when i get the time!! Thanks for responding!!!