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Friday, November 19, 2010

Craig G - Winter '96

Droppin an exclusive type joint here. Craig G still does some doubles, back to backs, but on this tape brings the flava the exclusive DJ. Craig G was one of the top DJ's in the 90's along with Clue, Doo Wop, S&S, droppin the Exclusive tapes. He was one of the DJ's that if you saw a new tape from him, you could cop it off the name alone and knew you were going to get some quality music.

A few highlights on here is a 2pac song dissing the hell out of Biggie on side A and no it's not hit em up. And then there is a Sauce Money and Jay Z track that I am not too familiar with on Side B. I remember a handfull of songs they had floating around on mixtapes in 96 and 97 but I do not remember this one.


Side A

Side B


  1. Never heard that Hov joint either do you got a Craig -G from 97 with the Lox Mase freestyle and Mase and kiss fresstyle side A & B and it had Firm Intro freestyle that was on DJ Clue platinum Plus but craig G had a version with Nature you got that tape playboy

  2. this is the only crag g mix that i have. although i do have the lox family pt.2 that might have that freestyle on there. I will up that tape next. lox family pt.1 is a classic. if you don't have that one, it's on tape masta's site.

  3. yeah playboy lox family 2 been looking for that part 1 all over the net shit do you have any of the let the lox go

  4. wassup with the LOX family part 2 playboy!