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Thursday, November 4, 2010

DJ Mondee - Flossin (1999)

So I stole (not really) this tape from the homie DJ Truskills. How this ended up in Truskills hands from what I remember is that the MHz had brought back this tape with them from one of many trips to NY for recording sessions or whatever business they had to handle.

I am familiar of Mondee for his sick production with Yak Balls but did not know he was dropping mixtapes back then as well. I always dug Mondess's cuts and grimy production on the Yak Balls 12"s with Fondle Em and Def Jux. So with that in mind, I figured this tape would be pretty solid and of course... it's pretty fresh!

The tape did not have a cover or tracklisting. Just know that this tape was made in '99 when indy hiphop was possibly at its peak or downfall, however you want to look at it. So this should give you an idea on the flavor of the tape.

peace and enjoy!

Flossin - Side A

Flossin - Side B

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  1. Holy shit! I hope this is the joint i've been searching for..

    About ten years ago i sent Brett (of brett an mondee fame) cash for the Where my dogs at mix, anyway i gave dude too much shipping so he threw in a cassette they did the year before.. shit was fuckin banging.. pretty much one of the best mixes i had heard..only remember it being called 'summer' or 'spring' mix or whatever.. long story short, some dude borrowed it an lost the shit.. can you upload these somewhere..please