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Friday, November 19, 2010

Craig G - Winter '96

Droppin an exclusive type joint here. Craig G still does some doubles, back to backs, but on this tape brings the flava the exclusive DJ. Craig G was one of the top DJ's in the 90's along with Clue, Doo Wop, S&S, droppin the Exclusive tapes. He was one of the DJ's that if you saw a new tape from him, you could cop it off the name alone and knew you were going to get some quality music.

A few highlights on here is a 2pac song dissing the hell out of Biggie on side A and no it's not hit em up. And then there is a Sauce Money and Jay Z track that I am not too familiar with on Side B. I remember a handfull of songs they had floating around on mixtapes in 96 and 97 but I do not remember this one.


Side A

Side B

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dirty Harry - Tape #7 - Off the Hook High Noon '96

Dirty Harry is easily my favorite mixtape DJ. I can tell you the exact spot I was at when I first popped Fistfull of Dollas into my walkmen on my walk home from high school in the fall of '96 and was completely blown away. Yeah, that tape has many memories.

But onto this tape right here. I get confused with name of this tape but what I have on the tape is off the hook pt.1. So I hope that's what this is but regardless, it's classic Dirty Harry. Crazy blends, the hiphop inst. with the r&b accapella(something for the fellas and the ladies), the rap figures kicking it off on side b which was something I always looked forward to, the vocals to the inst. coming in and out every so many bars, a mixtape with mad crazy flavor. There is so much going on in the tape but it's not over bearing and it all works perfectly. I can keep on going but then I will seem like more of a Stan. With every listen you can always pick up something new from a Dirty Harry tape. This one here is no exception.

Enjoy this one here for the weekend!

Dirty Harry Side A

Dirty Harry Side B

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DJ Mondee - Flossin (1999)

So I stole (not really) this tape from the homie DJ Truskills. How this ended up in Truskills hands from what I remember is that the MHz had brought back this tape with them from one of many trips to NY for recording sessions or whatever business they had to handle.

I am familiar of Mondee for his sick production with Yak Balls but did not know he was dropping mixtapes back then as well. I always dug Mondess's cuts and grimy production on the Yak Balls 12"s with Fondle Em and Def Jux. So with that in mind, I figured this tape would be pretty solid and of course... it's pretty fresh!

The tape did not have a cover or tracklisting. Just know that this tape was made in '99 when indy hiphop was possibly at its peak or downfall, however you want to look at it. So this should give you an idea on the flavor of the tape.

peace and enjoy!

Flossin - Side A

Flossin - Side B

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flexi with the Tech!! File2

New mixtape I made last week. Mainly new stuff but some of this material is somewhat older. Kept it short and simple, only 50mins. long.

Enjoy and spread the word!

Thank You!

1. greenhouse effect - hello world (pos2 mix)
2. fashawn - ecology
3. blackmilk - how dare you
4. skyzoo - frisbees
5. pharoah monch - shine
6. currency ft. stalley - address
7. Ill Poetic ft. King Solomon & Piakhan - Beyond rmx
8. Royce da 5'9 - Walk in the Rain
9. Big Shug - Spit Six
10. Ice Cube - Drink the Kool Aid
11. Stalley ft. Mickey Facts - Worldwide
12. Kev Turner - Ill State of Mind
13. Spitball ft. Smash Bros. - Thass Wassup (unreleased)
14. Biggie - Warning (pos2 rmx)
15. Slum Village ft. J Dilla, Posdnous, Phife Dawg - Scheming
16. The Roots ft. Joanna Newsom, STS - Right On
17. Blackmilk - Welcome
18. Fat Joe - Im Gone
19. Danny Brown - Angels & Demons
20. Freddie Gibbs - On One
21. Zero Star - Who got the Props Freestyle

Flexi with the Tech vol.2 final mix by djpos2

Saturday, July 24, 2010

DJ Green Lantern & Jay Z - Creative Control

I like to use this blog as a tool for older mixtapes and hiphop music that has been released in Columbus Ohio and surrounding cities. But when Green Lantern constructs a mixtape like this, I have to show some respect. I know he still puts tapes out from time to time but this one right here, Green Lantern is back on his A game. This is a must download. And it's not even the Jay Z factor that got me, it was how well it's put together. Easily the mixtape of the summer for 2k10 right here.

put it in the deck!
(courtesy of livemixtapes)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DJ Inform - The Cutting Room

DJ Inform has been on the scene pretty strong for the past 5 years in Columbus Ohio. When I saw this, I figured it would sound like his previous mixtape that turned out to be one very funky mix. But after a listen, Inform caught me off guard. This is more of a DJ concept album with original production and Inform cutting everything he can get ahold of to add to the track. Inform is a dj that can rock a party and then go down to the next venue and perform a routine for the turntablist stans that are still out there and in my opinion, you can catch that vibe on this project right here.

Check the mix out, I am sure you will enjoy it if you are into a dj making tracks from scratch.

<a href="">feel it ft. Mista Sinista by dj inform</a>

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

J - Live "Do the Knowledge Mixtape" VOL.1 the late pass 2009 Hip Hop

Words from J-Live about the mix...

"Basically, I got tired of hearing a lot of people say stuff like, "there's nothing new out" or "hip hop is wack now". Upon hearing this I usually run down a list of names of new artists and even old artists with new albums and ask if they've heard of'em. Nope! These people have no idea. There's a lot of good new hip hop. You just have to do the knowledge and keep your ears open. These are some of my favorites from 2009 alone. Enjoy!

Click here people!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

K Funk presents Hiss-story mixed by DJ Nikoless

This is mixtape is compiled of all demos. DJ Nikoless aka Kevin Beacham aka Formless is behind the decks on this mix here. It's nice to see that they included a track with Illogic and DJ Przm that later showed up on Przm's solo release, The Flim Flam, in 2001.

Alot of these artist I was not to aware of but after listening to the mix, it's just straight up hip hop shit. Hard beats, hard rhymes. Nothing much more to it then that. DJ Nikoless provides a his mixing skills as well as this is a "traditional" mixtape that is actually mixed together.

01. Intro - Hiss Is For You
02. Madlib - My Style Is Different... ‘95
03. The Distortionists - Retaliation ‘96
04. Kemest - One For Dah Mental ‘95
05. Stedy Serv - Lyrical Graffiti ‘99
06. Interlude: (All Natural-50 Years) ‘96
07. Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - Perfection ‘97
08. Dirte & Ope-Ski (T.S.P) - I’m Only 19 ‘99
09. PRZM & Illogic - Poisonous (How We Do) ??
10. Headshots - Look Into Our Wilderness ‘97
11. Kool Keith - You Know The Game ‘95*
12. The LO’s ft. Erick Sermon - New Haven Connect ‘95
13. Raw Elements - Blauw! ‘97
14. Of Mexican Descent - 242 ‘94
15. K Borne - The Qwest [JEL Remix] ‘97
16. Funkytown Pros - Fake Ass Hip Hoppas ‘95
17. Brain Leakage - Brain Leakage ‘92
18. S.P.O - Puttin’ Heads To Bed ‘92
19. Savage Intellect - Technique Of Fury ‘90
20. Interlude: Incredible Bongo Band - Apache ‘73
21. Masai Bey - The Untitled ‘93
22. Interlude: (Jurassic 5-Jurass Finish First Outro) ‘00
23. Interlude: HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
24. Interlude: (Giant Panda-Diggin In The Tapes) ‘05
25. Bonus Cut: Paten Locke - Auto Reverse ‘09

Check out the mix!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

MHz 1st official World Premiere

Mhz 1st freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito show '98.

Man, talk about some Bustown history, well this about takes the cake. What we have right here is the 1st time that the MHz appeared on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show. This right here was just the beginning of many great things to happen for the hertz. This was a big step for Bustown Hiphop and the people involved to help make this happen make the story that much better (i just got an idea).

I am not going to write very much about this because I rather have someone that was there tell you the story of this night and all the events that lead up to this moment. But this is some shit that any Columbus emcee, Dj, anything hip hop related needs to download and keep in their library because this one freestyle session did alot for Columbus back in the day. I could keep going for days about this but like I said, I rather have someone else tell it that was physically there. Until then, enjoy the audio.

And much props to dj stepone for uploading this on his blog. As soon as I saw it I knew this was it. I called up the homie DJ Truskills to verify it. Once he told me that Supernatural was in the house as well, it was official.

Mhz 1st freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito 89tech9

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

better late then never..

Need a double dose of Nas? Well DJ Books comes thru with the medicine right here with some a nice Nasty Nas mix. The tracklisting is very strong and the mix rides well!

Download pt.1

Download pt.2