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Friday, February 27, 2009

Selecta BAM BAM!

Something a little different. If you like dancehall or reggae hiphop...this is the DJ for you. Crazy mix right here. I do not know much about Selecta Bam Bam, I just know that every mix I have heard from him has been a banger. Another gem from '97.

Oh yeah, I know I need to work on my photo shop skills but whatever. This will do for now!



  1. Thanks, man. I'm gonna to listen it now. I like raggamuffin too.

    Please, upload the Boo Tha Barba when you can. xDD

    It's easy to convert the tape to MP3. I have a Plusdeck in my PC, but Tapemasta said other system, with microphone, I believe.


  2. Ah yeah loving those selecta bam bam tapes

  3. Never heard a mix from Bam Bam. I'll check it out. Thanks Pos2!

  4. Holy Sh1t! I can't believe you have this! I bought it years ago (2000ish) and had it stolen maybe a year later. Been dying to track it down ever since! THANKS!!!