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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mick Boogie - Numero Uno

So where do I start?

I do not think Mick Boogie needs an introduction, but just incase, here is his introduction to the mixtape game plus an interview on the mixtape that started the madness!

pos: Going back 8 years ago, you had a real strong presence from spinning on 107.9 in Cleveland. What made you want to start tackling the mixtape circuit the way that you have?

Mick Boogie : I wanted a national name and didn't want to be pigeonholed by the weird tastes of the fickle Cleveland consumer... I felt I had a lot of creativity to offer...

pos: What did you use to record Numero Uno with compared to how you record mixtapes today?

MB: ...vinyl... real vinyl... and a few cds... It was recorded by D-Selecta in his basement... on a multi-track recorder... all pre-computer... Sidenote: my second mixtape was Certified Hot...same thing...multitrack and vinyl...but it was the the first time I worked with The Kickdrums...and one of their first productions ever... since then, we have both done so much based on this friendship and partnership...

pos: To my knowledge "the butters" is the college radio show where you got your start on radio. Did you record any shows/mixtapes and sell them?

MB: Never sold the shows...always free... that show made me who I was...both me and my homie Garbs... Anyone who has tapes of that digitalized, PLEASE contact me.

pos: I have seen you spin live 2 times and both times I was very impressed and so was the crowd at these jams. Do you have a certain set list of songs you stick to or do you just read and vibe with the crowd?

MB: Total vibe... I go all over the place... at this party I did Saturday, I played 60's rock, 70's disco, 80's synth pop, 90's hiphop and electro and dance ish from the 2000's... and had fun playing it all. And I ended the night with a song from the Wedding Singer. WHAT!

pos: When did you start using Serato?

MB: Hmm... like 5 years ago... My man Excel put me on to it... life change... I was the first guy in Cleveland using it... the look on deejays faces was so confusing at first... I'm glad the world uses it now tho.. it's amazing... I love the portability and creativity it offers...

pos: What are some of your favorite mixtapes past or present and who are the dj's that have inspired Mick Boogie? Who are the mixtape dj's you check for currently?

MB: Neil Armstrong's sample series are Amazing. Green Lantern of course. New deejays... my partner Terry Urban, DJ Benzi, my man Parler just did a DOPE Biggie Samples tape... I just like people doing DIFFERENT stuff and not playing 34 Gucci Mane songs.

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