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Monday, April 13, 2009

mixmaster ICE live on 107.5 2003

The legendary, hall of fame dj, mixmaster ICE, somehow made his way from NY to the cowtown that is columbus ohio. In that time he has been here he has hosted many events, dj'd all over the city, and at one time held down the old school blockparty show on power 107.5 every sunday night from 7pm-10pm. I believe the time frame on that was from '01 to '05. Could be wrong but close to accurate.

It was great to hear a legendary dj on the radio in Columbus because we never get shit like that, to this day. And on top of that, they were letting ICE have complete freedom, live mixing on the radio, radio at it's best with the actual dj in control.

This right here is a live mix from '03, the only show I still have on tape. I know I recorded more but seems like this is the only one I can come up with at the moment.

As far as what to expect, anything old school. This was in '03 so you are getting nothing but mid 90's and before. A good mix of r&b and classic hiphop. A great mix to vibe out to on a sunday afternoon cookout type of thing! Oh and to the suckers out your HOMEWORK!!!

So enjoy my 1st tape to digital conversion! Many more to follow.

And a big up to all the mixtape blog/collectors/fanatics out there that are keeping this shit moving..... Tapemasta, brandan, olskool, soul, marioka, dj marz, andyman, oldschool hiphop tapes, gildog, pipomixes, diggersunion...everybody man. Im just now finally cracking the vaults!!! Lets keep it moving!

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  1. Yo, good looking on this Mix Master Ice join! Keep up the good work and the hot shit coming! One Love