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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shazam X - Best of BCC '97

This mixtape is one of my all time favorites. It came out in early '97 so you know all the material is classic boot camp. To this day I have not heard a better put together mix of BCC material then this tape right here.

I do not know much about Shazam X but i do know his best of mixtapes are onpoint. I also have his krs-one/bdp tape. I remember seeing that he made a best of epmd tape and a best of a tribe called quest tapes in '97 as well. Why did I not buy them? I have no idea. I guess at 17 I was saving my money for bus fare or a bigmac meal. But hopefully somebody has these 2 and can upload them for the masses.

Tired as fuck but I stayed up to record this and make it available for the heads because I know yall would appreciate this one. Very soon, I will make sure I have better pics of the cover so you can read the tracklist. Sorry for the blurryness.


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  1. Niiice. I have seen a couple of Shazam X tapes before, like the 'Best of EPMD' you mentioned, but have never heard one and always wondered about the quality. The fact that it's a 'Best of BCC' makes it that much iller.

    Much props...