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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eddie iLL & D.L. - time has come tape 2 '99

Nice tape here of indy/underground joints from late '99. To me these cats were the top dogs when it came to the indy scene in mixtapes. There were a handfull of others but I felt they were the dj clue's of the indy mixtapes. But they showed and proved with skill, exclusive freestyles, and had the shit months before you could cop it.

Great tape here. This was tape 2 of a 3 tape series. The brooklyn academy freestyle at the beginning of this tape is worth the download alone. rugged raw shit!

get the tape!
side a
1. brooklyn academy freestyle
2. apathy feat. punchline, wordsworth, a.l. skills, wiseguy, gaston - step up
3. jigmastas - keep on rocking rmx
4. rasco - bock on the scene
5. basement khemist - situations realistic
6. akrobatik - say word
7. invisible inc. - pure
8. writers guild - carolina skies
9. defari - say it twice
10. eddie brock, pack fm, esoteric, rok one freestyle
11. kardinal offishal - ghetto
12. ed o.g. - better then before
13. planet asia - place of birth
14. moodswingaz - survive til the doe

side b
1. apathy, rise, gaston, wiseguy, wordsworth & punchline freestyle
2. talib kweli & rubix - millionaires
3. john notty - you don't know
4. j treds, obsession, network reps freestyle
5. j live - tru school anthem
6. delcame feat. lootpack, evidence - who's crew
7. crubt mob feat. freddie foxx - click click
8. prince poetry - however u want it
9. rex feat. krumbsnatcha, kt - untouchables
10. j sands, the rascals freestyle
11. royal flush feat. matt fingaz, m.o.p., FT - no hold barred
12. cash brown, p. dap - pay me
13. pharoahe monch, busta rhymes - next shit


  1. Do you happen to have part I and III of the series? I know this one and love it, but I can't find the other parts..

  2. this is the only tape i have of this series. sorry man!

  3. Awesome. Still got the cassette, but the quality ain't what i used to be. Thanks for the Upload.


  4. no problem. glad youi could help. thanks for checking the blog!

  5. INCREDIBLE !! I have a bunch of these and am currently in the process of ripping them all to mp3. This tape happens to be one of the exact ones I need ! I have the case for this second tape but never had a copy of the third tape. If anyone has it step up !! :) This is a GREAT series.

    If you notice the serial number EDD006.. that denotes the 6th set. I have EDD001 tape 1 &2 (Which at the time did not have the seriel #'s on them) and EDD002 tape 1 & 2, EDD003 tape 2 only, EDD005, EDD006 tape 1 only(thanks to you I have tape 2 now the 3rd was to be released later but I never saw it can anyone confirm it's existance ? ):) EDD008 tape 1 & 2, EDD009 tape 1 &2 AND EDD010 tape 1 & 2...

    Soooo anyone with any of the EDD004, the First of EDD003 (yellow cover.. I may have it but have yet to locate it) the third EDD006, EDD007 give us a shout and we'll complete this set before too long.. I'll try to have the first one up by days end...

    I also have the CD they released "Along rhyme coming" I believe it's called.. anyway thanks again for this upload !

  6. If you ever posted anymore of those eddie ill & dl tapes, let me know where I can cop them. I've got quite a few I'll trade with you also. My contact is on my profile if you click on my name here. I've got both of the time has come tapes also, i just need to rip them, the others are already all ripped almost. Peace!

  7. go rapid share, it took me like 2 hours but well worth the effort. i now have all the tapes. sweet

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  9. Re-up this dope shit, please!!!!!!!!!!!