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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

D Nasty & DJ R.C. - Take That (part 5 of 6)

Part 5 is a mixtape of exclusive joints!

D nasty and R.C. come together to drop a nice selction of new joints that were very exclusive in the nine seven when this cameout. I always thought it was funny they had quotes from magazines on the cover about this mixtape.

Nothing really fancy here, just a batch of new shit around the time of spring '97. But these tapes always kept you on your toes on being ontop of your shit. Before the days of the internet, you had to rely on dj's like these to bring you the music you would be getting your hands on a month or so from now. That's how it was in Columbus anyways. Always wanting to be hip to something before the next dj was.

new shit new shit!

1. mariah carey ft. the lox & mase - honey rmx
2. wyclef jean, praz & cam - stayin alive rmx
3. busta rhymes - keep your hands where my eyez can see
4. big, puffy, mase - been around the world
5. pretty boxy , mase, foxy brown - baby baby baby
6. lords of the underground - henessey
7. ivory , cru - realx & party rmx
8. brian mcknight, mase - you should be mine
9. Big PUN - im not a player
10. EPMD - never seen before rmx
11. cru - bubblin
12. dv alias khrist, mobb deep - building
13. the beatnuts - here's a drink
14. nas, foxy brown - encore
15. yvette michelle - crazy
16. 702, canibus - no doubt rmx
17. canibus, panama p.i. - rollin with the wildest niggaz
18. raekwon, method man, ghostface - the projects rmx
19. the rza - sunshower
20. mic geronimo - life n lessons
21. common sense - reminding me of self

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