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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Selecta BAM BAM - return of the dragaon, reggae hiphop#13 (part 3 of 6)

Part 3 is a mixtape of dancehall, reggae/hiphop, blends

What more is to say of selecta BAM BAM? I really have never heard a better dancehall dj then this cat here. G.Brown has some treats but Bam Bam is just killin the comp. when it comes to this genre. His mix tapes never fail. You copped Bam Bam tapes off the strength of the name. You knew you were getting quality everytime.

This right here is a mix I got my hands on in '97 and one of my favorite mixtapes of all time. You just can't go wrong with this mix right here.

Selecta Bam Bam download

listen before you take hard drive space....


  1. Thanx for this one here!! left mine at a party back in '97

  2. yo do you have selecta bam bams whoa....

    been looking for that forever only found bad uploads..need a good upload

  3. I need this whole album

  4. please send mi dis whole mix ive been looking for it long time. and if possible please send mi da dem cant touch mi mixtape thank you very much in advance. peace from the middleast!!!