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Thursday, March 12, 2009

DJ Self - F@#ky S#!t vol.1

This blog is as well a tool to document Columbus Hip Hop History past and present. I want to do this the right way but I am getting a slow start. So hopefully some good post will get things rolling for me.

Dj Self has been a familiar name in the Columbus scene for years. He was the dj that started Bernies sunday hiphop night in early '99 before passing it off to DJ Przm to go back home for personal matters. Self dj'd on OSU's kbux radio in the early years of this decade with partner in crime dj Projects. The saturday soul shakedown was a night Self held down for about a year at Skully's where he spun a variety of 80's breaks, hits, and whatever was funky in that era. If you can't tell by now, Self is a very versitle DJ and it show's it in this mix.

I could spit up more facts and stories of dj Self but instead I will throw up a mixtape, one of many I have in my collection, that has always been one of my faovrites from him. This is funky shit vol.1 that I got from him around '02 or '03. The title pretty much sums it up....just alot of funk, breaks, samples you will recognize, all mixed together in a very raw style.

Dj Self - Funky Shit vol.1

Bonus: Footage of DJ Self live at a Haloween Jam '06. (video courtesy of boras)

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