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Monday, March 23, 2009


This post was inspired by blueprints blog

I had to have this on here. This is a press kit print put together in 2000 for the super group Iskabibbles. It was basically every artist that was on the weightless roster.

The footage is from 3 different shows.

1. Scribble jam 2000 at top cats. I remember this was the show on a friday where they would not let us in because it was past capacity. But smooth words from daymon and having rj with us(his name was starting to ring bells with the rocket science 12"), got a handfull of us in that night.

2. HipHop expo 1999. There were alot of highlights at this expo...between copywrite in the battle, open wound destroying everybody in the battle, and the iskabibble performance, not sure which one would be the best highlight of the expo '99.

3. Bernies, the after scribble jam 2000 party. Atoms Fam and the MHz performed as well. This whole night was hype from the jump. You can tell when print and Illogic perform "favorite things" which at the time was the columbus classic for all of us. One of the standout tracks from Illogic's debut Unforeseen shadows.

take a good 20min. break and watch this shit, remember some great memories or just brush up on your columbus hiphop homework.

The Iskabibbles EPK (from 2000) from weightless recordings on Vimeo.

video courtesy of blueprints blog

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