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Thursday, March 12, 2009

DJ Przm - Bust It vol.3

Przm made this mixtape in the spring of '03. Dude pretty much just went in his studio, sat down, and busted this mix out in one day. In my opinion, this is how a mixtape should sound. Back to backs, fast clean cuts, great selection of tracks, mixed together, something hitting you every few minutes, accapellas over insts., sounds dirty as this tape is so damn dirty, I love it. To those that know how przm kept his records, you can tell by all the snappling and crackling you will hear. And alot of these records were only a few months old, LOL.

This mix sounds like it was made on 2 turntables but it was made on one. Not sure why one volume is lower then the other.....Im sure P did that on purpose.

And I would be here forever giving backgrounds, stories, all the info on this man. So as long as this blog is running, each post about Przm will be a piece of the story. I just can not cram it into one post or 5. There will be more to come.




  1. good shot on this one pos. if i ever come across any history, youll be the first to know...

  2. sounds good. i hope people get the laugh out of that pic like I did.

    and speaking of history, you know i will be hittin you up about some ish.